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Partner to Large Corporations and SMEs across all sectors, CONEX develops and markets a range of collaborative tools for customs and security declaration management. Our clients, importers/exporters, carriers, and Authorized Economic Operators (AEOs), use our solutions and services to optimize and secure the input, processing, and electronic exchange of declarations in all their international goods transactions. For nearly 40 years, CONEX has been involved in the evolution of international trade and Supply Chain, supporting businesses in their customs development and collaborating with European and international Customs administrations.

Want to boost your customs? Adopt okiduty! 🚀

Our solution aims to simplify customs issues, revolutionizing the way customs operations are carried out.

In a single tool, okiduty provides complementary functionalities for tariff classification assistance, remote declaration, auditing, and regulatory monitoring, all assisted by Artificial Intelligence.

okiduty is designed for professionals (customs declarant/shippers) wishing to transform customs into a genuine strategic asset.


CargoWise is a powerful and highly integrated global logistics execution platform aimed at facilitating trade.

It enables logistics service providers to conduct extremely complex transactions in areas such as customs clearance and cross-border compliance, transit and pricing, international trade, land logistics, and warehousing. This allows them to manage their operations on a single database serving multiple users, functions, countries, languages, and currencies.

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